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      Raid Team Plans   09/28/2017

      Vindication is forming a raid group to prepare for the next raid instance. We're looking for people interested in raiding with the guild. Right now we need healers and dps. Please contact Schon (Cheri) in game or here, and let's get started with a tentative group of people that are interested. If you think you're interested, don't wait, you don't want to lose your spot. Cheri


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  1. What are you favorite add ons?

    DBM, Master Plan, Auctioneer, Postal, Recount, SpellFlash, Atlas. I don't use much other than that.
  2. Welcome kirito

    Kirito has been with us for a long time. He's tanked, healed, dps'd, and helped in so many ways. It's good to see you still playing. Tell us something you really enjoy about the game. Cheri
  3. Welcome Obis

    Obis, what I do know is from running the Black Temple timewalker with you. It was a fun time, and you were willing to step outside that comfort zone and do what was needed by the group. Great job. I know you work the Auction House and collect mounts. What else can you tell us? Cheri
  4. Welcome drstrangeluv

    Drstrangeluv, welcome! Tell us more about you. How long have you played wow? Anything we should know? Cheri
  5. Welcome Landoris

    Landoris has been with the guild quite a long time, but many haven't gotten to know him. Maybe it's time we know more about him. What can you tell us that's interesting that we may not know yet?
  6. Website Launch

    Welcome to Vindication. A very special thanks to @GemtriX for all his hard work in the creation and launch of this site. We're hoping you check back often, it's going to be a very active guild resource, and we'll have info you won't want to miss out! Please browse and get to know your way around. -Cheri
  7. Welcome

    Welcome to the Vindication guild forum! We hope you've found our guild a welcome home and as you get more involved, we hope you'll find our forum a welcome place as well. Our guidelines are pretty simple: Keep it friendly, keep it G-rated, and keep it fun or interesting. So, if we break that down, it would go as follows: Friendly = Most people are pretty friendly. Try to use the measurement that if you wouldn't say it in person, don't put it on our forum. Let's try to keep our forum entertaining, informative, and useful. G-Rated = Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You never know who is looking at something you place on a forum. These pages have a tendency to live on for years. Don't put up anything you wouldn't be okay with your kids reading. If you feel the need for a more mature-oriented outlet, there are lots of those out on the web. This place is for our guild, so let's keep it clean so that everyone in our guild can use it. Fun or Interesting = This one is pretty much up to your own discretion. Try to match the content to the forum you are posting in. This forum is general content, so it can be anything wow related, or not wow related. We may put up raid team forums as well, and those forums would be specifically tailored to just raid team related content. You get the picture. One last thing: World of Warcraft is a game. Yes, I know, you probably missed that fact somewhere along the way. But seriously, it's a game. Many of us come here to have fun and find a bit of relief away from the concerns, stress, and worry of the rest of our day. We do not do topics that have been proven to basically wreak havoc on guilds and video games. Those would include religion and politics. So, if you want to do those topics, there are outlets, just not on our guild forum. With that out of the way, we're off to a great start. A special thank you goes out to Gemtrix for all of his hard work and dedication on the website and forum. He's been relentless in helping. Take a minute some time and give him a pat on the back. And if you need anything, contact an officer in-game. thank you, Cheri