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    • Cheri

      Raid Team Plans   09/28/2017

      Vindication is forming a raid group to prepare for the next raid instance. We're looking for people interested in raiding with the guild. Right now we need healers and dps. Please contact Schon (Cheri) in game or here, and let's get started with a tentative group of people that are interested. If you think you're interested, don't wait, you don't want to lose your spot. Cheri
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    AAM is a friendly, helpful guild where we encourage you to play World of Warcraft the way you want to play. Among our ranks you'll find the right mix of people to help you get the most from your game, whether you prefer leveling, questing, dungeon parties, battlegrounds, or gearing up to join one of our raids. Whatever your play style, we're here to help make sure that you feel welcome and valued.


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